Officers Of The 13th

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Although it was possible to rise from the ranks, the majority of officers purchased their commissions; many were themselves the sons of army officers.

Officer's uniforms were far less regulated than that of the other ranks. Apart from wearing red and displaying the symbols of commissioned rank they were allowed considerable freedom in the embellishment of their clothing. Copious amounts of silver lace were often used to decorate the coat.

Commissioned rank is denoted by a silver knot and a crimson sash worn over the right shoulder. A silver gorget worn about the neck denotes that an officer is on duty.

Succession of Colonels of the 13th foot 1685-1789
List of Officers 1740-1756 incl. promotions etc.
Colonel Henry Pulteney
Lt. Colonel Thomas Cockayne
Captain William Baillie (including his portrait)


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