Non Commissioned Officers

Sergeant of the 13th

Corporal of the 13th

It was the NCO's who ensured that the officer's commands were carried out, and who dealt with the day to day duties of the soldiers.

The sergeant's responsibilities included the training of recruits, maintaining order, distribution of rations and the inspection of billets or barrack rooms. Sergeants carried a halberd instead of a musket and wore a crimson waist sash with a stripe in the regiments facing colour. The halberd acted as a badge of rank rather than a weapon but could also be used in straightening the ranks and files.

It was the corporals that got the men to their feet in the morning and ensured that they were properly dressed and equipped before leading them to their duties. Corporals had the same uniform and equipment as the private men except for the addition of a white shoulder knot.


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