13th foot drum - pre 1751 (speculative) 

Each company of the regiment had two drummers. Their coats were in the regimental facing colour, faced red and with extra decorative lace to the Colonels design. They wore caps similar to the grenadiers but lower and with a badge of drums and banners. For defence they were armed with a sword suspended from their waist belts. It was noted in 1741 that the drum-major of the 13th had silver lace.

In battle they were used to regulate the step of the battalion as it advanced and to relay orders by use of different drumbeats. Other duties included signaling the start and finish of the soldiers day, to parley and to both signal and administer punishments.


Drummer's Coat - Front
13th foot drummers coat - front (speculative) 

Drummer's Coat - Back
13th foot drummers coat - back (speculative) 

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