Hatman and Grenadier
    Hatman and Grenadier


Clothing consisted of a generously cut double-breasted red woollen coat over a long skirted red woollen waistcoat and breeches. Stockings and shoes were protected from the elements by thigh length canvas gaiters. A black tricorne hat trimmed with white lace, or a grenadiers mitre cap completed the uniform.

Individual regiments were distinguished by the coats facing colour, visible on the cuffs, lapels and turned back skirts. Regiments were further identified by the pattern woven into the white worsted lace that decorated the coats.

All the men were armed with a Land Pattern firelock, commonly referred to as the 'Brown Bess'. It was a muzzle-loading, smoothbore flintlock, with a 46" long barrel. For hand-to-hand fighting a 17" long socket bayonet could be fitted to the firelock, and although rarely used, soldiers also carried a short sword.

A black leather cartridge box for holding ammunition, suspended on a buff leather belt, was slung over the left shoulder. A waist belt supported the sword and bayonet on the left hip. When on the march, a goat or calfskin knapsack, canvas haversack and tin canteen would also be carried.


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