Captain William Baillie

Captain William Baillie

Portrait of Captain William Baillie
by Robert Edge PINE (1742-1788)
courtesy of Royal Pavilion, Libraries and Museums, Brighton and Hove

In addition to his military career William Baillie was also an eminent amateur artist. He is believed to have produced about 100 engravings and restored one of Rembrandt's worn out plates.

The portrait opposite is believed to have been painted whilst he was a Lieutenant in Colonel Pulteney's regiment.

See below for further information about his life and career.

From Notes and Queries magazine 8th Sept. 1855 

Capt. William Baillie was born at Kilbride, co. Carlow, on June 5th, 1723. He was educated in Dublin under Dr. Sheridan, and at the age of eighteen sent to London for the purpose of studying the law, and with that view entered himself of the Middle Temple. He, however, soon expressed a wish to enter the army, and accepted a commission as the senior ensign in Harry Pulteney's, or the 13th Regiment of Foot, and was at the battle of Culloden, under the Duke of Cumberland, and in several engagements in Germany with the Marquis of Granby. In 1755-6, when the 51st Regiment was raised, he obtained a company, and was with the regiment as captain of the Grenadiers and paymaster at the battle of Minden, under Prince Ferdinand. Some time after this he exchanged into the 17th Light Dragoons, in which he continued some years; but, his health failing him, he was allowed to sell his commission, and appointed a Commissioner of the Stamp Duties, in which situation he continued for twenty five years, and retired with a pension. He died at Lisson Green, Paddington, Dec. 22, 1810, in his eighty eighth year. The etching by Rembrandt, restored by the Captain, was found among some old copper. See the Somerset-House Gazette, vol. i. p.300. 

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