Succession of Colonels 1685 - 1789

The Succession of Colonels of the British Army From 1660 to the Present Day
by N. B. Leslie

Col. Theophilus Hastings
7th Earl of Huntingdon

20th June 1685



Col. Ferdinando Hastings

December 1688



Col. Sir John Jacob Bt

13th March 1695



Lt-Gen. James Barry
4th Earl of Barrymore,
MP. Stockbridge 1710-13 & 1714-15
MP. Wigan 1715-27 & 1734-47

15th March 1702



Col. Stanhope Cotton

28th July 1715



Gen. Lord Mark Kerr
also 11th Hussars & 29th Foot

25th Dec. 1725



Brig-Gen. John Middleton
also 25th Foot
MP. Aberdeen Burghs 1713-39

29th May 1732



Gen. Hon. Henry Pulteney
MP. Hedon 1722-34 & 1739-41
MP. Kingston upon Hull 1744-47
Burried in Westminster Abbey 5th Nov. 1767

5th July 1739



F.M. HRH William Henry
1st Duke of Gloucester & Edinburgh KG
also Grenadier Guards & Scots Guards

25th June 1766



Gen. Hon. James Murray
also 21st Foot & 60th Foot

16th Dec. 1767



Gen. George Ainslie

5th June 1789

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