The Battle of Val 1747

Kill'd, Wouned, &cc  in the Battle near Kisselt
From the Gentlemen's Magazine Vol. XVII 1747 page 259.

North British Dragoons

Kill'd. 112 men, 134 horses.
Wounded. Lt Col. Macdougal; Capts. Preston and Blair; Lieut. Heron; Cornets Ogilvy, Herrington, Ballantain, and Brown; 36 men, 21 horses.
Missing. Lieuts Wauchope, Douglas, Cornet Hunt, Quarter Master Carlisle.

Rich's Dragoons

Kill'd. 2 men.
Wounded. 8 men.
Missing. Cor. and Adj. Simpson; 12 men, 27 horses.

Rothe's Dragoons

Kill'd. Lieut. Gordon; Cornet Hay; 82 men.
Wounded. Lieut. Armstrong; Qr. Mr. Seaman; 29 men.
Missing. 2 men, 98 horses.

Cope's Dragoons

Kill'd. 4 horses.
Wounded. 8 men, 4 horses.
Missing. Cornet Balmere; 5 men, 12 horses.

His Royal Highness the Duke's

Kill'd. 3 men, 27 horses.
Wounded. Lt Col. Ld R. Sutton; 13 men, 3 horses.
Missing. Capts Otway, Hall and Kirk; Lieut. Kirk; Cornet Kenton; Qr. Mr. Evans and Simpson; 63 men, 50 horses.


Second Bat. 1st Reg. of Guards

Kill'd. 5 men.
Wounded. 32 men.
Missing. 37 men.

Second Bat. 3rd Regiment

Kill'd. Ensign Brown; 7 private men.
Wounded. 19 private men.
Missing. 20 private men.

Lieut. Gen. Howard's.

Kill'd. Capt. Hacker; Ensign French; 46 men.
Wounded. Capts Crosby and Stoyte; Capt. Lt Jocelyn; Mr Mills, voluntier. 84 men.
Missing. 26.

King's own Regiment

Kill'd. Capt. Magot; 11 men.
Wounded. Lt Col. Martin; Major Lasacesille; Capt. Catherwood; Lieut. Conway; Ensigns Wilson, Webb, Hamilton; 89 men.
Missing. 25.

Pulteney's Regiment

Kill'd. Lieut. Haddock; 29 men.
Wounded. Capt. Stafford; Ensigns Naylor and John Hollyday; 83 men.
Missing. 57 men.

Major General Howard's

Kill'd. 14 men.
Wounded. Lieut. Col. Williams; Major Petitott; Capt. Masters; Lieuts Goddard, Browne, Martin and Philips; Ensigns Dobion and Fuler; 125 men.
Missing. 30 men.

Scotch Fuzileers

Kill'd. 7 men.
Capt. Leslie, 17 men.
12 men.

Welsh Fuzileers

Kill'd. Capt. Johnson, 1 man.
Captains, Fortescue, Izard, Baldwin. Lieuts. Eyre, Rich, Gregge, Aday, Macklachlan, Hewit, Oakes, 41 men.
188 men.

Craufurd's Regiment

Kill'd. Lieut. Knight, 31 men.
Wounded. Capt. Laurie, Lts. Stephen, and Gore, 64 men.
Missing. 26 men.

Douglas's Regiment

Kill'd. Major Roper, 4 men.
Wounded. Lt Col. Ross; Capt. Fuller; Lts. Rogers, Farquhar, Ross; 67 men.
Missing. 13 men.

Johnson's Regiment

Kill'd. 12 men.
Wounded. Lt Col. Lockart; Major Lacey; Capt. Kerrill; Lord Glasgow; Lieuts Gardiner, Edmonstone, and Cope; Ensigns Monypenny, Francombe, and Morrise; 64 men.
Missing. 5.

Fleming's Regiment

Kill'd. Major Petrie; Lt Brodie; 24 men.
Lt Col. Jackson; Captains Morgan, Dod and Gore; Lt Aikland; Ensigns Vaehan, Duncan, Elrington, Strong, Potter; Capt. Pechell omitted; 78 men.
82 men.

N.B. In this return Dejean's and Conway's regiments are not set down, the regiments not having sent in their particular loss.


Killed 201. Wounded 104. Missing 93. Tot. 398.
Horses 105.                 28.            187. Tot. 380.


Killed 201. Wounded 826, Missing 523. Tot. 1550.

Royal Artillery

Killed, Wounded, and Missing, In all 83.

Kill'd. Major Michelson.
Lieuts M'Leod, Farrington, Dexter, Stephens, and Gogney; 4 serjeants, 7 corporals, 17 gunners, 45 matrosses, 1 conductor.
Capt. Farquherson; Lt Crauford

Major of brigade Wolf wounded.


BRITISH OFFICERS, & C. Kill'd, wounded, and missing;
not mentioned in last Account.
From the Gentlemen's Magazine Vol. XVII 1747 page 318.  


General Ligonier, prisoner, with two aids de camp, Hon. Capt. Keppel, and Capt. Campbell, who is suppos'd dead. - Major Gen. Bland, wounded. - Major of brigade, Leslie, wounded. - Major Scott, aid de camp to his royal highness, bruised and a contusion. - Lieut. Gen. Hawley's aid de camp, Capt. Pechell, wounded. - Capt. Heath, engineer, missing. - Mr Green, engineer, wounded.

Rich's Dragoons. Cornet Scot, wounded. - Quarter-master Goodwin, missing.

His Royal Highness the Duke's. Ld Rob. Sutton, prisoner. - Capt. Otway, Hall, Kirk, wounded and prisoners. - Lieut. Kirk. - Quarter-masters Evans, Simpson, prisoners.

Wolfe's Foot. Quarter-master Walwork, wounded.

Major-General Howard's. Col. William, killed.

Craufurd's. Capt. Scott, wounded.

Douglas's. Lieut. Col. Ross, killed.

Dejean's. Lieut. Clement, kill'd - Lieut Col. Deane, Capt. Goddard, Lieut. Gremes, wounded. - Capt. Boucher, Lieut. Lort, missing. - 10 men kill'd, 28 wounded, 90 missing.

Conways. Lieut. Col. Stanhope, Capt. Cholmley, Douglas; Lieut. Bowyer, McQueen; Ensign Crimble, wounded. - Col. Conway, prisoner. - Capt. Dobson; Lieut. Ramsay, Ellis; Ensigns Waterhouse, Rimple, missing. - 42 men Kill'd, 59 wounded, 32 missing.

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