The Battle of Roucoux 1746

From the Gentlemen's Magazine Vol. XVI 1746 page 542.

Copy of a Letter sent from Sir John Ligonier to the Earl of Sandwich at Breda, relating to the Action on the 11th Inst. Dated from the Camp of Losser, Oct. 12.

My Lord,
For fear the relation which the French will give of what passed yesterday should at first make too great an impression, I would not miss the opportunity of the post, tho' upon the march, to communicate to you Excellency, that marshal Saxe attacked our army yesterday on the left wing, where the Dutch, after a long resistance, and behaving themselves extremely well, were obliged at last to give way to numbers. Three villages occupied by eight battalions, English, Dutch, and Hessians having been attacked by 45 French battalions, who were twice repulsed, were also constrained to give way in turn. But the English horse repulsed the enemy continually. I think this affair, to give it the right name, cannot be called a battle, for I question whether one third of the army was engaged. The cannonading was terrible on both sides. I believe our loss to be 4 or 5000 men, and that of the French to be double. The army retired in a very fine order. We suspect that the city of Liege was betray'd to the enemy ; so that it was impossible for us to continue in our camp. My letters are in great haste.
I have the honour to be, &c.

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