The Battle of Roucoux 1746

From the Gentlemen's Magazine Vol. XVI 1746 page 542.

Extract of a Letter from a French officer, from the Field of Battle near Liege, Oct. 12.

The day before yesterday the army marched from Tongres, and encamped within a league of the enemy. Yesterday morning we continued our march, and advanced within cannon-shot of the allies. The cannonading began about noon, and about two we attacked three villages in the front of their army, where their best infantry were posted. They were forced with great loss on both sides ; but after our becoming masters of these villages, the whole front of the allies began to give way ; we followed them till it was night, and we are informed they have repassed the Meuse. we have lost, it is said, 2000, and the enemy 5000 men. We took a great many prisoners, and amongst them a prince of Hesse. The marquis de Fenelon, formerly ambassador at the Hague, was killed in this action. This moment (at ten in the morning) we have orders to retire to our old camp at Tongres, as it is said, for want of forage.

Another French officer writes that Count Saxe had sacrificed 8 or 9000 men in order to kill 4 or 5000 of the enemy ; and had besides lost abundance of brave officers, and gained no one advantage.

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