The Battle of Fontenoy 1745

The case of General Ingoldsby.
Sentence of the General Court Martial held at Diegham,
July the 15th, 1745, N.S. and continued by several adjournments to the 18th.

From the Gentlemen's Magazine Vol. XIX 1749 page 176.

The court considering, That the not executing the order, [which was to attack a redoubt or battery in the action near Fontenoy] did not proceed from want of courage in Brigadier Ingoldsby, but from a failure in judgement; they are therefore unanimously of opinion, That the said Brigadier Ingoldbsy shall only be suspended during the pleasure of his Royal Highness the Duke.

The Duke approved the sentence and suspended the Brigadier for three months: and the court martial having expressly absolved him in point of courage, he thought the work was over and that when the term of his suspension was expired he should be reinstated in his command and have his commission of major-general (which had been already ?????? out, and signed by the King) delivered to him: but to his great surprise on his return to England he soon found himself exposed to a second condemnation, without so much as the pretence of a second fault, or the form of a second trial: for his majority in the guards was taken form him, without any consideration for it; and he had orders to sell his company, which he had bought upwards of thirty years ago, for five hundred pounds less than he had been offered by several gentlemen for it: so that he is now in a worse situation in point of fortune, than when he first entered into the army forty three years ago; to say nothing of the time he has spent, and the blood he has lost in the service: and under these pressures has no other consolation, but the consolation of having done his duty irreproachably and that every officer in the army, as well as those under his command at Fontenoy, must do him the justice, if called upon to acknowledge it

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