The Battle of Fontenoy 1745

From the London Gazette, May 11.
Hague, May 18. By a list printed here by authority, it appears that
our loss in the late action at Fontenoy near Tournay, is as follows:
From the Gentlemen's Magazine Vol. XV 1745 page 250.

In the horse. Col. van Linden, and Major van Collen kill’d: two captains wounded; one subaltern killed, and two wounded; 57 private men killed, and 61 wounded; 268 horses kill’d and 52 horses wounded; 18 Men, and 42 horses missing.

In the Foot.  Brigadier Salis col. van Ryssel; lieu col. van Boetzelaar, major Enderli,
kill’d; brigadier Efferen, col. van Voerst, col. Heimstra, lieut col. Rodt, and major Gorssema wounded; three captains killed, and 10 wounded; 11 subalterns kill’d, and 29 wounded; 18 sergeants kill’d, and 6 wounded; three drummers wounded; 467 private men kill’d, and 630 wounded; and 205 missing.

Total of the cavalry 143 Horses 362

Infantry 1410 In all 1544

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