The Battle of Dettingen 1743

Edward Maxwell writing about Dettingen
dated April 1744
From the Public Record Office, Northern Irelend
Perceval-Maxwell Papers T/1023

... We could not keep our men cool; they fired at too great a distance (I believe about three score yards - perhaps more) ...'. General Honeywood counter-attacked with cavalry, but '... received a Fire from a Battalion of Foot which is a terrible Thing to Horse ... . We follow'd slowly after them and had the Chagrin to see them return in a very few Minutes; they put us and several other Regnts in Confusion by their Retreat ... .' As the allies advanced, their front line lengthened. Austrians and Hanoverians were brought in. 'Both of them behaved extremely well ... while we were in very great Confusion ..., for it is no easy matter to make young Troops quite regular after having been once broke; we stood however for a little while, but as we fir'd at a good distance, they did us no great damage & I believe we did them as little ... Howard's, Handyside's, Bligh's, Ponsonby's and Flack's, now Skelton's, did not engage unless you call a few popping Shots at two or three Hundred yards distance an Engagement ... . The Rgnt of Duroun & Pulteney ... behaved well & suffered likewise a good Deal. The Welsh Fusiliers & Onslow's likewise behaved well, but they did not suffer as much as the other two ...

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