The Grenadiers Exercise

Select from the postures listed below and the image will appear on the left.

Drill Postures

Shoulder Your Firelock
Recover Your Firelock
Sling Your Firelock - 1
Sling Your Firelock - 2
Sling Your Firelock - 3
Sling Your Firelock - 4
Handle Your Grenade - 1
Handle Your Grenade - 2
Uncap Your Fuse
Guard Your Fuse
Handle Your Match - 1
Handle Your Match - 2
Blow Your Match
Light Your Fuse
Throw Your Grenade
Unsling Your Firelock - 1
Unsling Your Firelock - 2
Unsling Your Firelock - 3

This Grenadier’s Exercise is based on the illustrated postures in 'The Granadiers exercise of the Granade' 1735 by Bernard Lens and the description of grenade drill within the Exercise of Small Arms and Great Guns for the Seaman on Board His
Majesty’s Ships 1734.

This drill would be largely relegated to the parade ground as the use of Grenades would be rare in an open battle in this period although they could still be used in sieges and by storming parties.

‘The enemy came down’ ‘with several Battalions and Companies of Grenadiers, who advanced with Impetuosity upon us, the Grenadiers each being provided with two Granadoes each, and with several scaling ladders.’


Extract from a description of a French assault on entrenchments at Villa Franca April 1744.


Replica of an 18th century grenade. A cast iron ball filled with gunpowder and topped with a quick burning fuse. A waxed paper cap protects the fuse from dampness.

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