A History of the Uniforms, Clothing and Gear of the British Army

in the Lake George - Lake Champlain corridor 1755-1760

Brenton C. Kemmer


The vital Lake George - Lake Champlain corridor, always a strategic link between New England and Canada, is the geographical setting of this study of the uniforms and clothing of British and Yankee soldiers and their Native American allies during the French and Indian War. Historians and reenactors alike will consider this book indispensable!

Brief historical sketches of the British campaigns of 1755-1760 provide ample background information. A general description of the military clothing, gear and equipment issued during this period is followed by detailed descriptions of the items worn and used by the different groups: Yankee Provincials, Rangers and Light Infantry, Redcoats, Indian allies, and auxiliary troops. Thirty-three excellent illustrations by well-known artist Joe Lee greatly enhance this volume.

Sixteen informative appendices include: marching order and parade dress of the British army, descriptions of "small clothes," regimental lace, facing colors, examples of markings, clothing and gear issuance of 14 regiments and two Ranger units, and a description of British musicians’ coats and gear. Includes a glossary and an index of names, places and subjects.

ISBN 0-7884-0905-0


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