Robert Rogers' JOURNAL and a MEMOIR of General Stark

Freedom Historical Society


The Rodgers portion is derived from the first edition of his Reminiscences published in London, England, in 1765. It describes Rogersí expeditions with the New England Rangers under his command. The Rangers, comprised primarily of New Hampshire men, constituted Englandís best defence against the Indians who had allied with France as she and England struggled to establish possession of America. Duties of the Rangers included spying, ambushing, taking prisoners, and fighting and killing Indians to clear the way for Englandís regular troops. The Rangers were officered by hardy, intelligent men, many of whom would go on to distinguished careers in the Revolutionary War.

Major General John Stark of New Hampshire served as an officer in the Rangers and is considered a hero of the American Revolution. The Memoir is composed of biographical material, letters and notices, providing the reader with a personal look at Starkís life and military career, his strong patriotism and belief in the Revolutionary War.

ISBN 0-960261-3-1


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