Janet Sloss


It seems the British have a tendency to ignore their heroes. Even superheroes are often belittled with the passing of time. An unsung hero to whom this country owes a great deal is almost unknown in Britain, and yet is remembered and revered in a Mediterranean island which was a British colony for most of the eighteenth century. Even today the people of Menorca speak with warmth and respect of Richard Kane, who governed there with great humanity and justice. They have put up a memorial to him, his portrait hangs in the Town Hall of the capital, Mahon, and the Island Council has spent millions of pesetas to restore "Kane’s Road" which he built to traverse the island.

This delightful book, written with great warmth and scholarly insight, is the result of in-depth research about an amazing and exceptional man. A compelling read for those who wish to discover more of the history of their country and those who shaped it. Janet Sloss - an American! - has elevated Richard Kane to the place he deserves to hold in the affections of the British people. She has brought to life with her fine command of language and lively prose a forgotten British hero.

ISBN 0-9508153-5-7


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