Culloden Moor 16 April 1746

Stuart Reid / Gerry Embleton


The battle fought on Culloden Moor near Inverness in the Scottish Highlands on 16 April 1746 has passed from history into legend. The decisive defeat of the army of Prince Charles Edward Stuart by that of the Duke of Cumberland - the last pitched battle between conventional armies ever fought in Britain - marked the final ruin of the Jacobite cause, and its results changed the face of Scotland forever. It has inevitably become entangled in myth and distortion.

Stuart Reidís rigorous new analysis of the campaign and battle of Culloden - based on years of primary research in under-used archives, and on the actual battlefield - strips away the varnish of half-truth and simplistic romanticism. The heart of this book is a penetrating examination of the composition, organisation, equipment, training and tactical doctrines of the opposing armies. His detailed discussion of the course of the battle is based on a thorough understanding of how those armies fought; and is supported by an important new series of battle maps which reconcile, for the first time, contemporary maps and eyewitness accounts with modern topographical maps and personal examination of the field of Culloden.

His text is illustrated with nearly 100 rare early engravings and paintings; and with a superb portfolio of eight meticulous full-colour plates by the respected military artist Gerry Embleton, recreating the appearance of the fighting men of both armies. It is supported by appendices, a full bibliography, and source notes.

"Like Hungry Wolves" represents an important and attractive addition to the collections of all students of Scottish history, the British Army, and the 18th century.

ISBN 1-85915-080-2


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