A Military History of the Last Jacobite Rising

Stuart Reid


The Jacobite Rising of 1745 has long since passed from history into legend and in the process the truth about what really happened during those ten months has become entangled in romantic myth.

Many books have been published about the '45, examining almost every aspect of the political and dynastic struggle which it represented, except the most important; the military campaign which decided the outcome of that struggle once and for all. Stuart Reid's rigorous new analysis of that campaign - drawing upon years of primary research and walking the actual battlefields - provides for the first time a properly balanced account of the last military engagements to be fought on British soil.

At the heart of this study is a penetrating examination of the two armies involved, their strengths, weaknesses and their very different tactical doctrines. Weaving this thorough understanding of how those armies fought into previously neglected eyewitness accounts with a detailed examination of the ground on which the battles were fought, Stuart Reid presents an important new contribution to 18th century military history.

ISBN 1-862-27130-5


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